Quality Wood Products is transitioning into a new brand, Texas Casual. Please bear with us as we make this transition. 

At Quality Wood Products, we pride ourselves on making the best wooden patio furniture to be found in north Texas. Our family has been building furniture since 1996, and looking at a finished piece of top-quality furniture still gives us a thrill.


About our furniture

We offer you a varied selection of unique outdoor furniture, but all of the items in our catalog have several common characteristics – attractive appearance, practical design, and quality materials.

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Caring for your furniture

We recommend annually resealing any piece of furniture that is exposed to weather. Most high quality, penetrating, outdoor, wood sealers work well. Make sure the wood is fully dry before sealing.

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Who We Are

First of all, we are a family. Most days we love that, but every once in a while we don't want to see each-other's faces. That's normal working with family, right? There are several things we all agree on, and no matter how tense it gets, talking about Quality, Texas, Excellent Service, and how to infuse these more into our company and products always brings us back together and makes us stronger.  

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